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Factor O2 VAM


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Factor O2 VAM: The ultimate climbing bike

The O2 VAM is our lightest road bike frame, featuring fully internal cable routing, and it excels like no other when the road points up and stays there. This ultralight frame is seemingly immune to gravity when climbing, yet also carves confidently and predictably through corners when descending. For anyone who lives in a hilly region, or simply enjoys the feeling of riding a super lightweight bike, the Factor O2 VAM proves to be the ultimate racing bike for hill climbing, stable descending, and all round ass kicking. Our deep experience working with carbon and knowing its benefits for everything from motorsports to professional cycling comes most clearly to the fore with our O2 VAM design.

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– Inclusief: onderhoudsbeurt na 500 á 1000 km.

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Reviews Factor O2 VAM

“Lean, mean and incredibly nimble, the Factor O2 VAM Disc takes feather-weight road bike performance to a whole new level – it’s practically faultless.” – Five Stars



“Factor has managed to innovate, and the VAM represents some of the best technology on the market. The end result is a WorldTour dream bike with a little individuality, which is a rare thing these days.”



“Factor made their name thanks to their meticulous engineering and performance-oriented designs. Remember when disc brake bikes were thought to be too heavy for a performance road bike? Factor continues to dispel such notions by cutting frame weight to make a 15-pound disc brake bike not just acceptable but preferable.”ROAD BIKE ACTION



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